Now, the image on the right, is another school - my middle school. This time I remember the moment when I took this photo - it was right after the school Christmas Party - I remember that I was quite angry, since the human sized decorations our class had made got ruined by some other class because they painted them instead of us (lack of time, lack of time, they said). People used to call this school "the pink prison" (well, the buildings are all pink, hence the expression - the rest, well, you might as well guess).

Oh, and about this page, I'd like to thank Stuart - my dear Scottish friend - who gave me the idea of creating a section dedicated to real life. Thanks Stu! ^^

v i o l e t . a y a m e

-Familiar [unfamiliar] landscapes and sceneries

Picture on the right - one of the many corridors of my High School (just roll your mouse over it to see the real version).

Yes, this sub-page of the site is a bit like the treasure chest of memories - only, it doesn't have any treasure, so to say, it has random photos of places I visit every day (thank you, routine-sama) and other several places I only get to visit once in a while (if I'm lucky - and if I don't have too many tests coming up).

But then again, about this picture on the right - I don't really remember when I took it. Maybe:

a) I was very lucky to find this corridor empty (I mean it, it's always full of people stuffing stuff inside their already stuffed and messy lockers)

b) I was on lunch break and didn't have any thing else to do

Both possibilities are possible in their own possible way (man, I love to repeat words).


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